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I just got my order from LiveAquaria.com (MarineDepot wouldn't ship due to stock level and holidays) of a couple of yellow tangs, a firefish goby, and a royal gramma pseudochromis. This was my first time purchasing online and LiveAquaria was awesome! Excellent packing job, the fish arrived in excellent condition. I followed the acclimation instructions and so far everyone is eating and swimming around. I would definitely order from them again!

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Tonkadawg.. I noticed that you are in Fairfax, VA.... I am too, I am in Fair Ridge, right near Fair Oaks Mall. Just thought I would say Hello to a fellow Virginian.

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Originally posted by donk

Thanks for the info. If the live stock dies (in the first 7 days) Do they cover the cost of the S & H?


you'd have to check with them about being reimbursed for S&H


Hey Mike - I am further west over in South Riding - what sort of set up do you have?

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i placed an order from the good doctor's for clean up critters a couple months ago. they do have that 7 day guarantee but what they do is credit your account-not send more critters. if an item is back ordered they may send that at a later date-not sure. my critters arrived happy and warm-which was hard for me to believe up here on the tundra. for the price you can't beat it. find some people to split an order with-we did the build your own deal and since we spent $60 we got free overnight shipping! at minnesota prices we would have gotten 3 emerald crabs-at online prices we got 5 emerald crabs, 4 peppermint shrimp, 2 serpent stars, 5 brittle stars, 5 ceriths, couple turbos, scarlets, blue legs, you get the idea! just don't add too many critters to your tank cuz..."it was sooo cheap, i had to!" HTH

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My brother lives in the Apartments out in South Riding.

I have a 55 gallon with nothing really special in it and then I have a 6 gallon Eclipse that I started back in September or so. That has definitely become my favorite. It has some shrooms, an open brain, Xenia, Candy cane, Watchman goby/pistol shrim and a small clam.

And for Xmas I got a 7 gallon Bow front and just waiting for all the equipment to show up, so I can start setting it up.

Do you go to any stores in the area or order stuff mostly on-line? I usually go to Marine Scene in Herndon. But if I am looking to get a good start on stocking an aquarium, like I will with the 7 gallon, I got to Roozens in Maryland.

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Thank all of you for the 411. I think I'll try it (ordering online). The LFS is only 3miles from my home and they have the biggest SW selection in Ohio. They also have some outrageous prices, for example: small flame angel $80 on sale. Liveaquaria has them for $32. Thanks again.

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You guys are lazy. Momma reefer will give you a link; http://www.etropicals.com.


Now look on the first page boys and see Invertebrate Reef Packages. Then look a little further down, I know you can do it, and see....

Build Your Own Reef Package: You decide your favorite combinations. Package orders SAVE on shipping charges!


Lazy, lazy, lazy........

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as far as i can tell that's a negative tgrupert-but it doesn't really make sense-you may try calling them-they were pretty helpful when i called and the receptionist even sounded pretty cute! otherwise shipping on all livestock orders up to $300 is $24.99 (i would assume its more if the order requires more than 1 box). HTH

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