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Thank you Nednai! :)


Tiny, I spot feed the Dendro, along with the Acans and Blastos, twice a week. I don't just dump the food on them, I use big tweezers and feed them directly just what they can handle. Usually it's frozen mysis, frozen Prime Reef or enriched brine. I like to mix it up. I also add to the tank a teeny bit of freeze-dried Cyclopeeze not quite every day to keep everyone happy between feedings.

How do you like the freeze dried Cyclopeeze? I know they have the powder and wafers now - I'm still using the frozen version on my large tanks - wondering if its a viable substitute since I would save money on shipping next time I place a food order. Do you reconstitute it first?

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How do you like the freeze dried Cyclopeeze? I know they have the powder and wafers now - I'm still using the frozen version on my large tanks - wondering if its a viable substitute since I would save money on shipping next time I place a food order. Do you reconstitute it first?


I do like freeze-dried Cyclopeeze although I've never had the frozen so I really have nothing to compare to. I initially bought it for my fish, who love it btw, and noticed the corals like it too. All I do is throw a pinch in the tank and everyone goes nuts! I figure it's so little that after a few seconds in the tank water it will get soft. My clown goes right to the surface and eats it immediately. He's a pig. It's great because I can put a tiny bit in to entice the corals to put out feeders then spot feed them something frozen.


I forgot to mention that I also use Prime Reef flakes as well sometimes. I use it as a substitute for the Cyclopeeze. In fact that's what I feed my freshwater fish and they've done really well on it and there is less waste in the tank afterwards.

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i was told at one lfs that dendro's are now an illegal import. only tank-raised specimens will be available at stores, so the prices are rediculous. they had 2 left at the store--both smaller than yours--and wanted $100 a piece for them!

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Wow, I can't believe how long it's been since I've updated. Quite a few things have been going on, one thing personally is Jack my Rhodesian Ridgeback has cancer and has had three surgeries in the last couple months. He's OK for now, but it's been very time consuming taking care of him so I haven't had time for updates on the pico.


The tank is still up and running and doing well, though there has been a few changes. One thing is my big red Blastomussa started receeding badly. I think blastos tend to do that sometimes for no reason and this one did. I ended up taking it out of the tank and putting it in my other which didn't help for a long time but now seems to be making a comeback.


Also, some zoos have "disappeared". I suspect I have a pest of some sort but I can't find any. I found that sundial ages ago so I don't know if there are tiny babies somewhere or not. :huh: Oh who knows!


Most all of the lords love this tank! They are getting so big!! I'm sure this tank is "dirty" and those LPS love that!! :naughtydance: There was a bit of a casualty with the pink/red acan though. I had fed the tank and when I turned the filtration back on I turned it up and forgot to turn it back down. Anyway, the next morning I found him blown into the echinata. Y'all know what that means...nuke city!! I was so upset because it had started making a baby. I cleaned him up and put him back in place and crossed my fingers! fingerscrossed Baby is now gone and there is just half of the polyp left but he's back on track and growing again. I also epoxied down the tiny acans so that won't happen again.


I've added a few new things to the tank. Another GSP, a couple worms, mushroom, another acan and blasto and a couple surprises. I'm hoping this weekend I'll have a chance to take some more pics and post them. I need a new FTS shot now! :)

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we were beginning to get worried. we were about to send out search dogs for you!


sorry to hear of the troubles but at least things are looking up now.

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Oh, poor Jack, I hope that all goes well for him now. Fingers crossed that he bounces back full of beans very soon.


Best regards



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Wow, it's over. This has been so much fun for me. Something I never thought I'd do has turned out to be quite interesting and enjoyable. Thank you to everyone, y'all have been awesome!


I know, I'm cutting it close with my last post but I've been out of town and I guess lucky that I checked my mail tonight! Yikes! Anyway, I know I've been MIA the last couple months because of my dog being sick, but the tank has been still going in spite of the lack of postings.


The focus of this tank has always been the Dendro. I've been really pleased with the overall growth not only with the Dendro but also with the Acans which have thrived. I didn't have the best of luck with most of the zoos, possibly because of an unknown pest, but those that have survived have grown and intensified in coloration.





Acanthastrea echinata: hi-liter green


Acanthastrea lordhowensis: gray

Acanthastrea lordhowensis: neon green

Acanthastrea lordhowensis: lavender, purple and turquoise

Acanthastrea lordhowensis: purple and green

Acanthastrea lordhowensis: true red, aqua, pink, and green


Blastomussa merletti: pink and blue


Blastomussa wellsi: green and lavender

Blastomussa wellsi: lavender and neon green

Blastomussa wellsi: peach

Blastomussa wellsi: red w/green ring


Caulastrea furcata/Candy Cane: neon green


Dendrophyllia arbuscula

Dendrophyllia coarctata/Micro Encrusting Dendro

Dendrophyllia fistula/Sun Polyps


Favites sp.: metallic green and tan


Mushroom: purple and green spotted


Pachyclavularia violacea/Green Star Polyps

Metallic Green Star Polyps



Palythoa sp.: brown and green

Palythoa sp.: lavender, tan and green


Zoanthus sp.: chocolate mint

Zoanthus sp.: electric green

Zoanthus sp.: fire and ice

Zoanthus sp.: green galaxy

Zoanthus sp.: lime green and pink

Zoanthus sp.: orange and yellow

Zoanthus sp.: pink

Zoanthus sp.: steel blue and green

Zoanthus sp.: ultra pink




Coco Worm: red and orange

Coco Worm: pink and red

Stomatella varia Snails

Trochus sp./Red Banded Trochus (2)

Thor amboinensis/Sexy Anemone Shrimp (4)

Tunicate/Sea Squirt



FTS 12-7-05:



FTS 1-13-06:



FTS 3-30-06:




Dendrophyllia Fistula 11-14-05:



Dendrophyllia Fistula 12-7-05:



Dendrophyllia Fistula 3-6-05: (you can see a third baby growing in this pic.)



Pink Zoos- before:



Pink Zoos- after:



Dendrophyllia arbuscula:



Dendrophyllia coarctata:


Edited by ZooGirl

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Wow. u got some nice LPS in there! especially like the different dendros.

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Thanks T! :)


I was trying to post more pics but it won't let me. Oh well.

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woof. still liking this one the best!


waitaminute, you're in Stock too! omgomgomg

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Hello Ann. Found you here. How are those zoos doing for you now :D ? I hope well. Just found you here and thought I say hello.



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wtf? talk about an OLD THREAD... jeez

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wtf? talk about an OLD THREAD... jeez


Ya no crap. Why did you bump this thread?

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a bit off topic here but......


this thread is too much but i have to say that ur boston is too cute!!! I have a frenchie myself

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