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roti-pods review


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Fast shipping, good packaging.


I just finished using my first bottle of roti-pods. The bottle is a green type liquid with visual dark matter floating around.


The bottle will turn clear in about 2 weeks. Read their website for more information.


I was real careful with this stuff. I had no idea if this would increase my bio load or whatever. I do see more pods now in my sand bed. There is all kinds of stuff crawling around now which is exactly what I was looking for. My coral and shrooms seemed to love the stuff too.


I may try DT's next now that I increased my pod population.



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sounds good. I was thinking of ordering the roti-pods for chits and giggles. Maybe in the new year, when i get back to spending some cash on the tank. Hopefully by then I will actually have some cash to spend. Man the nano-human is expensive.

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I totally agree Greg. I'm on my 2nd bottle and have a 3rd on the way. I can't honestly compare with other live foods as this has been my first few experiences, but the corals are looking good in a way I have never seen.


I know I never saw this response from spray dried phyto.


Now I will be reading up to set up a small culture station, because I see how expensive this could get.


But Kudos on RotiPods service.


Peace, Bryan

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Yep....or put some in a small tank with air and lights and grow your own by feeding phyto.


It contains, phyto, rotifers and copepods. All three in one!!!!

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We'll I just emailed Dwayne, and he answered and confimed some questions I had, and he emailed me back fast:)


I'm sold, now I've got to figure out where to put another tank for green water:x Wife won't like that.

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