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anyone buy from Marine Depot


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I was thinking about picking up a couple of fish for my 85 gal using a nano-reef.com sponsor since my LFS doesn't seem to have what I want, when I want. So anyways, has anyone bought fish from these guys and if so, how were the experiences?

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I've bought drygoods, livestock, and LR/LS from them and never had a problem.


Prices are descent and most importantly to me the quality is good and their stock is reliable. I've never had anything not shipped or backordered.


Only think that kinda tweaks me is that all the email and communication from them is automated....I like real peoplw writing to me but that's a personal quirk.



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Temecula Reefer

Hey Physh... which live rock did you get from them?? I want to get some and can pick it up and not have to pay shipping... I guess the fiji is the only LR they sell per pound instead of by the box so that is what I will get. Any opinions on it compared to other MO?

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Originally posted by Temecula Reefer

I want to get some and can pick it up and not have to pay shipping


I was looking at the website and they say that due to their operation, they don't allow customers to pick up their order - shipping only.

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Temecula Reefer

Tonk... Marine Depot Live wont let you pick it up, but marine depot has a different warehouse and they told me I would be able to, so as long as I don't order my little fish I am good to go!

Here is the e-mail:


You are more than welcome to pick up an order from Will Call between the hours of 10am-5pm. Just call an hour or two ahead of time so that your order will be picked and ready when you arrive. Because of the hassle that comes with distributing live sand in small quantities, we only sell the live sand in 50lb. boxes.


Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.





Scott A.

Marine Depot Customer Service



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I thought marinedepot was good.


I ordered a bunch of stuff online from them yesterday, and I went there a few hours ago today to pick it up and it was all ready for me when I got there.


Only thing is all the streets around that area are 1 way streets. So you have to be carefull not to miss it, or you end up driving for miles to get back there. :

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