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Logicalreef by Byran Kile the "Zoo Guru"


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I would like to share my wonderful experience I had purchasing some wonderful zoos and rics from Bryan Kile.


First I would like to comment that his website is very nice and the pictures he has are quite spectacular, I can't wait till it is completely finished.


I had a million questions and he answered them all professionally, promptly and very friendly. After talking with him I had no doubts ordering from him.


I ordered 14 zoo frags many having multiple species on the rock and several ricordea polyps and I was able to pick these from pictures of the actual specimens. There was no guessing as to what I was getting. The variety and colors he offers is spectacular and cannot be found anywhere else and believe me I have looked.


I requested a ship date of Monday the 16th for arrival on the 17th and the package to be held at the fedex center local to me for me to pick up in the morning instead of them riding on a cold truck all morning. Everything went like clockwork all arrived on time on hold and let me tell you about the packaging: I received a boxed styro with a tight fitting lid. He had placed not one but two heatpacks in the box to ensure the zoos and rics would stay nice and toasty, and it was rather cold that morning in my area.

Inside the bags were packed not to bounce around during shipment. each zoo colony was placed in a black inner bag inside of a clear outer bag which I feel did a lot to prevent a hole from being punched in a bag, basically the water stayed where it should have stayed in the bag. I floated the zoos for 30 minutes and then unbagged and placed in the tank. Some of them were open in 10 minutes and all were open within an hour.


Ultimately if you want some really awsome zooanthids or ricordeas The Logical Reef by Bryan Kile is the best. I will definitely be making another order from him in the spring.


Here is a link to his site.




My Thanks to Bryan for all your help.


Chuck Riley

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Thanks for the kindness Chuck, I'm very pleased you were happy with everything.


And also I would like to say that if Chuck approaches anyone in here about a trade or purchase, he is very easy to deal with and keeps the lines of communication wide open. Another asset to the reef community.


Thanks Chuck!


Peace, Bryan

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Bryan and his zoos. Bryan and his real honest approach to business. Bryan and his awesome selection of livestock. Bryan and his amazing packaging (like an organ transplant being sent cross country). Bryan and his "no problem" shipping arrangments. Bryan and his super friendly personality. Bryan and his awesome webiste. Bryan and his excellent prices. Bryan and his amazing array of morphs. Bryan and his.....gah my head is going to explode.


Bry, I hope ya had a nice X-mas. Now get back to injecting those polyps with dye.

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