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shao-lin nano

Shao-lin's 24g nanocube

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I know there's been lots of bad press going around on the NanoCubes so you don't have to remind me here on this thread (I've had my share of head/heart aches). I still like the style of the NanoCubes and as soon as NanoCustoms comes out with their acrylic cubes I'll be all over it. Now onto my tank...


Well, I've been modding my hood since Feb '05 and finally got LR and LS and filled it with water on 7/10/05.


This was from my other post but here's a pic of what's under my hood (notice the chrome reflector extending to the front lid):



Here is a rock wall that I made out of "dead" rock. I shaved the back side and glued it to the rear "false" wall (left::center::right):



Here's the tank with real live rock in it (left::center::right):



I read how several people had problems of having fish and other critters getting themselves stuck in the rear "fuge" so I raised the height of the rear wall up to the splash guard. The hydor also kicks up some water so I placed a peice of acrylic to reduce that (also inspired by someone on nano-reef):



Here are a couple shots of my first corals (thanks Raskal311):



Current Residents:

Monti Cap (red, greed, purple)

monti digi









xenia (read sea, pom pom)

Free Cleaner Package from Aquatic Island + 8 red tip hermits

4-line wrasse



List of Equipment I'm Using:

NanoCube 24g delux (w/moonlights)

NanoCube 24g Stand (not S stand)

Fluval 204 Canister Fiter with carbon, Purigen, and PhosGuard.

AquaMedic Titan 150 Chiller (thanks chrissreef)

WalMart Clip Fan

MJ 1200 --> "shaved" HydorFlow (thanks Artarmon)

MJ 606 --> 2 flare nozels via black vinyl tube (upper left corner of tank)

Salt water and RODI from Jeff's Exotic Fish


75W Jager Heater

Nimble Magnet Cleaner (thanks SLOreefer)

SeaChem test kit

70W Metal Halide (aquabuys Ebay)

2 x 9W PC

3 x 36W PC

Rear lit 13W 6500K fuge light

various fans under hood (thanks Artartmon)

20gal Tub under tank and stand (just in case)

NanoBob's surface skimmer

FishBowl Innovations Lunar Cycle moon light

Reef Keeper


Water Flow:

1) MJ 1200 to a HydorFlow

2) MJ 606 to 2 Rio flare nozels attached by black vinyl tubing running across top left of tank.

3) Return spout of Fluval 204 midway up the tank on right side "hidden" among rock wall.


Dry Good Wishlist:

Salifert Test Kit

"Nano" Protein Skimmer

auto top off


Live Good Wishlist:

Goby Shrimp Combo

Pair of Clowns (true or onyx)

open brain



Would appreciate suggestions on:

-A 4th Fish (if it's not too much bio load)

-Filter media (after carbon is used up I'll have 4 slots available for other chemicals besides Purigen and Phosguard)

-any other constructive criticisms besides ditiching the cube ;)

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That hood is off the charts! You do great work, wanna make me one?:)

I think I would add a 6 line wrasse. I wouldn't add any more filter media, just put some rubble and chaeto back there and you should be fine. Maybe keep a sponge in chamber one to catch some of the big stuff.


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I vote six line also. Tank looks great, very well thought out. I've been following your posts for a while, glad to see it's coming along well for you.

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Also, I suggest buying the goby and pistol already paired. I bought 2 yasa hashe gobies then decided to get a pistol from my LFS... The gobies become scared of the shrimp and would just sit in the front right corner of the tank since the pistol would nip them. I finally moved the gobies into my 46 gal and my pistol I've given up trying to catch. I've sort of barracaded him in the back of the tank since he likes to kick up sand all over my corals. Just my 2 cents.

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here's another vote for a 6 line. after my clown finishes his time in quarantine, the 6 line is next. they seem to have a lot of character plus they can perform limited tank duty. they will feed on a lot of the unwanted pests on your live rock and some have been known to pick Ich off of infected tankmates.


thanks again for all the detailed posts. w/o you and artamon's posts, i would've never done the 70w MH upgrade.

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Thanks, couldn't have done any of this without inspiration from people on this site.


I've thought about the 6-line before also but does anyone else have another fish suggestion? Also, would I want to introduce the 6-line first because to me they seem more docile and less agressige than the clowns.


Thanks for the goby/shrimp suggestion fluidimagery, I would hate to not have them pair up.

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My hydorFlow makes a clicking noise while it's rotating and is getting annoying. It used to not do this...has anyone else experienced this and have solutions?


thanks in advance

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PM box cleared...didnt know they were so limited in space; barely had any messages in it.

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great looking tank :)

as for the 4th fish, how about a royal gramma?

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Glad you guys like it, the tank shots are taken with 1 36W 50/50 PC bulb and the corals were taken with 2 36W 50/50 PC. Once I start the full light cycle with all lights it'll be mighty brightB) ....but the electric bill:*( .

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my hydorflow in my 24g does the same as yours, but since i have it hooked up with the scwd, i only hear it half as much, lol. Haven't figured out how to resolve the clicking, i would imagine its the gears and they aren't built the best in the world.


by the way your hood is amazing, making me want to throw a halide into mine now also.

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Okay, just picked up a few more frags of corals from another local SoCal reefer (thanks bsk997). Hopefully they all made it and will open up by tomorrow or the next day. I'll be posting more pics soon. I think this will be it as far as corals go for a while. I'll just enjoy the few frags I have and think about when to add fish.

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Originally posted by shao-lin nano

My hydorFlow makes a clicking noise while it's rotating and is getting annoying.  It used to not do this...has anyone else experienced this and have solutions?


thanks in advance




One of my flo's was doing the same thing once. I took the gears and blasted them with water from the sink. Never saw the cause but it has worked fine ever since. Except for the time a small snail got inside and jammed the gears.


You have done a fantastic job with you tank.



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Thanks Stoney, I'll try flushing the hydor in water and clean it with a tooth brush or something. Maybe most of you don't hear it because it's a really quiet clicking noise, I can only hear it when everything else is off.

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ya, northern style shao lin, mantis, and hsing i. I train in Buena Park and teach in Irvine.

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That hood is CRAZY! I want one! If you don't mind me asking, how much $$$ did you have to fork out to complete it and how difficult was it? Would I need an electrical engineering degree to do all that? LOL.

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Glad you like it. Here's the approximate cost of most of the components that I can think of off the top of my head:

  • 70W mh $150
  • 2X9W PC $20
  • 36W PC (stock from JBJ w/ quick disconnect & ballast) $100
  • various fans $25
  • quick disconnect cables for the MH and 9W PC $20
  • project box to house light ballast for MH & 9W PC $30
  • glass pane replacing cutout of splashguard from HD $2
  • DC addapter for fan $10
  • rocker switches for lights & fans $15
  • polished aluminum reflector from marinedepot $30
  • various strain relief bushing $3
  • various stainless steel nuts and bolts ?$10
  • high temp epoxy $4
  • sheet metal cutter (for reflector) $15
  • heat shrink tubes few dollars?
  • hot glue


The figures are just estimates for I've forgotten how much everything costs exatly and I tried not to think of it while working on the project.


You don't need to be an engineer to do this, if you know your positive, negative, ground it's easy. If you've ever put together Ikea furniture then you can do this too. It just took lots of planning and some trial and error.


The only tools I used were a jig saw, sheet metal sheers, drill, utility knife, sand paper, masking tape, goggles, ear plugs, solder & iron(optional), and screwdriver.


If anyone wants to try this or something similar just ask and I'll be happy to help you any way I can.

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This was the original setup I had before going with the MH. I was happy with my 1st attempt but saw how others were putting 70W MHs in their 12g hood and I just couldn't resist.


4 X 36W stock JBJ PCs:


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