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which PC bulb combo would you use?

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Just picked up a used Custom Sealife 4x32 watt fixture for $25. Going to use if over my 28gal bow 24" wide by 18" tall.


Been reading and searching around the forum and if I've got it right coral needs actinic 03 light and if I add 7100k blue is just for looks? Also to go 6700k or 10000k is also for looks?


MarineDepot has the following 32w square pin bulbs I can use; Dual 6700k, 6700k/10000K, dual 10000k, actinic 03/10000k, actinic 03/7100k blue, and 7100k blue/10000k.


The fixture has two power cords, so I thought I'd have a actinic 03/7100k blue and a actinic 03/10000k turn on first. After an hour I'd have two 6700k/10000k buls turn on.


That would give me two actinic 03, one 7100k blue, two 6700k and three 10000k tubes.


Does that seem like a good mix? How would you do it?


thanks for looking.


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