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Christopher Marks

Forum Rules - READ!

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Rules for posting about a Trader:


This forum was created to provide everyone with a bit of a database to find out if a trader was honest, shipped on time, etc.


This is not a forum for bashing for fighting. If you have been ripped off in a trade, simply post the facts to the situation and move on. Your post is a warning to others - not a call to fight.


This forum is also in place to provide praise to users who are fair in their trades, courteous, and helpful during the deal. If you've had a good trading experience, please give everyone a heads up! The more successful trades the better.

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Rules for posting about Vendors:


This forum was also put in place to provide an area to give feedback about experiences with businesses catering to the hobby. Please share your experiences whether good or bad if you wish to do so, but please STICK TO THE FACTS.


If you are posting a complaint, do not just bash the business. Simply post the FACTS and let the members decide. Also be understanding that every company will make mistakes, and if the issue is rectified, please post a response telling us so.

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