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Can't raise Iodine, need help

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Help, I've had my tank running for almost 4 months and can't get Iodine levels at all.


I use AP tests for the basics and was having LFS test for calcium and Iodine. I was adding triple dose levels of Kent Iodine and they kept telling me my levels were at zero. So I figured they were screwing up and couldn't test right. :o


I bought Salifert CA and Iodine test kits and also switched from Kent Iodine and calcium to Salifert. Now, after 3 weeks barely .01 Iodide and no Iodate with the test kit. I'm adding half the weekly dose twice a day! That's 7x :blush: :blush:


Got any ideas or suggestions? Do other people have problems?


Here's my setup;


Stock 24G Nano with added water flow from Rio 90 pump.


2 clowns, damsel, royal gramma, Cleaner shrimp, peppermint shrimp, 7 blue leg hermits, 5 Astera, 2 turbo, 5 cirth and 7 nassura snails.


Xenia, GSP, open brain, candy cane, devil hand, colt and zoo corals.


Current levels test values


SG = 1.025

I =< .01

KH = 8

pH = 8.1

CA = 420

Na = < 5


all other tests at zero and I do a 3 gallon water change weekly using R/O and Kent salt.


Thanks for any help, I'm going batty trying to figure this out.




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I'm guessing AP is Aquarium Pharma....sorry my spelling ain't the best. Why are you testing for Iodine? Na is sodium and i've never heard of a test for that, did you mean Nitrite/Nitrate?

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Yes AP is Aquarium Pharmaceuticals ( had to look it up).


Sorry using my own abbrevations from my log. Nitrite is at zero and Nitrate is less than 5 ppm.


I understand several things use Iodine, inverts use it when they molt and I think corals also use some of it.



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All of your levels look good. I think your right in that inverts require some iodine, and i've also heard that certain corals benefit from iodine as well. Are you using carbon or perhaps another chemical filter like Chemipure that is removing the I from your system? How are your 'critters' doing?





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Just incase I took out the Chemipur and Phosban three weeks ago. Only thing I have is a sponge in chamber one. Everythings doing great, just wish I could get the colt to attach to something.



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I've never tested for iodine. I do use SeaChems' REEF PLUS which has some iodine in it. My 20g has always been great. (The only other suplements I use are B-Ionic for calcium and alkalinity maintenance, and I do a 20% water change once a week.) I also picked up a piece of colt coral from the lfs that was not attached. I used a little fishing line and tied it loosely to a piece of live rock. It has since taken hold. Just takes time.

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