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Lavalars' NanoCube 12G DX

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Very clean look. How many lbs of lr? And what are you planning to put in the tank?

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You're looking at 16lbs of live rock, but it is just 2 large chunks...hope that is okay.


I am planning on getting:


Perc Clown

Neon Goby

One More Fish (Prob Yellow Goby, or something)


3 or 4 Featherdusters

A few Zoos and Soft Corals (Noob corals, cause I'm new to this)

Torch Anemone


Any suggestions?

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With a cleanup crew and 2 Gobies...anyone know what kind they are?


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Two things about the yellow clown gobies:

1) They MIGHT start fighting, in which case you would want to get rid of one

2) IF they are a male and female, and start to breed, they could lay eggs on your corals and damage the tissue.


Just some things to think about. I have one in my 20l and I love the guy. Great fish.


Tank looks great too!

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Update with new Star Polyps, Xenia, and Zoo frags. I had to redo my rockwork because there were no friendly spots for my frags!



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Awesome fish!! I love clown gobies...I was planning on getting a green clown goby but instead got my midas blenny :-P


I wonder if I could put one in with my blenny...?

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