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Yellow Junk in Back Compartments

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My 12 Nano has been running for about 18 months. It has slotted intake, polyfilter in first chamber, heater and Auto-top-off in 2nd chamber, Prot. Skimmer in 3rd chamber and pump in 4th.


When I clean the tank, I notice a pretty good collection of yellow detrius collects in the back compartments. I siphon it out but you don't have much time to siphon on a 12 gal tank when only changing 1-2 gallons.


Anyone have a comment on what this buildup is and methods to control it?


Paul P

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i have no clue...the only thing yellow it may be would be encrusting sponge of some sort, but I doubt that is it

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It is crud that comes off the LR.


Because I have bare bottom, I vacuum it out of my display area every weekly maintenance. I also use a turkey baster to blow into the rear chambers, so that it'll get into the water column and be returned into the display area, so that I can vacuum that up the following week.


One of the main reasons I run bare bottom.

(if you follow the link in my signature to my tank, you'll see what I'm talking about on the second page)

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