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NC 24g lifestock

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Hi all!


I have decided to go for the NC thing cause my girlfriend thinks it`ll be more decorative in our new house than our current reef aquarium.


So I`m setting up a 24g NC (replacing the stock pump and removing the sponges and bioballs adding the cassette skimmer mod) and I`m planning on the following lifestock:


-25 pounds of LR (Tonga)

-20 pounds Aragalive + 5 pounds of actual live sand from a cycled tank.



-Fromia sp Marble Star

-Crocea clam

-5 Nassarius, 5 ceriths, 5 margarithas, 5 scarlet reef hermits

-Emarald crab

-2 scarlet skunk cleaner shrimps



-2 Amphiprion Ocellaris








-Open Brain

-Yellow sun polyps



-Trumpet or Candycane


I would like to hear any comments you might have on this as I know there are some experienced NC reefers on this forum and I apreciate your advice!





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Some thoughts...


-I don't think you'll be able to successfully keep a clam under the stock lighting.


-Have you seen Tigahboy's 6gal nano-cube thread? He added a second powerhead and return. I think this would be a very useful modification... here's the link: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/showthread...8&highlight=nc6


-Sounds pretty good over all... just take it slow and keep up on the water changes.


Good luck.

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Stock light won't work for a Crocea clam > 3 inches.

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