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Skimmer on 24 gallon


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Has anyone fitted a hang on skimmer on there 24g nanocube? i was thinking of a cpr bakpak but not sure how one would fit with the hood etc can you cut teh hood so it fits?

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i run the aqua c remora overnight on my 24g, i put it on front, and cover the opening with a towel. Then I remove it for display during the day. I'll never go back to not having one, it has made all the difference in the for my tank. You wont believe all the crap it sucks out! And i still do a 20% water change weekly.



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I think ill definately go with a skimmer, I just need to fing some way of mounting it permanently without looking too weird


In England we dont have the aqua c but do have the aqua medic biostar, bak pak and deltec mce 600 which are good, the deltec is actually superb but its £200

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I don't run a skimmer on mine but I've seen people use a remora. All you need to do is cut a rectangle section out of the hood and hang the skimmer on the back, Usually people seen to opt to hang the skimmer over the third chamber.

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From what i've read, i would think the bak pak would be my second choice. just my opinion tho.


-Good luck, Mike


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Has anyone ever seen a pic of a nano cube with a hang on mounted? ive been searching and searching but no luck so far


My first choice is definately the Deltec mce 600 but they migth be overkill on a 24gallon tank, they can go upto 150 gallons, not sure which is best out of the biostar and bak pak.

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Right, have researched as it seems there no easy way to add a skimmer.


Ive decided to get an 18inch cube made in starphire glass instead of using a nano cube

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