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Great Idea For Cubers


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Hey guys--


I went to Tongs in Fountain Valley this past weekend and I saw something excellent that they used for their cube. They're using a Minijet 606 with this:




They just took out the stock fitting and replaced it with this. It worked really well--the rotator just rotates with the water flow alone (no extra stuff to add, just as long as you have a powerhead) and it rotates the flow of the water in your cube. Just thought I'd share...cheap and easy way to add a wavemaker to your cube.

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I saw those mounted on some other powerheads. I was waiting for someone to post something about them or maybe even find out some info from someone who is using it.

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REALLY cuts down on the flow, though. I use one in my refugium, and I like it a lot, but I think in a NC the 606 might not be enough with a bioflo...

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I have one set up in my 12DX. I'm using a mj606 with it. While it does cut down the flow somewhat from the 606, when used in conjunction with a PH in the first chamber, the flow appears more than sufficient and definately chaotic in nature (something that SPS corals favor).

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I have one of these and for the life of me can't figure out which one of the fittings to use. Three are too small to stay put and one is too large to jam in.


Anyone else have this problem?

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I have been using one for over a month but with an AquaGlobe AQ 300 pump (300 gph) instead of a MJ 606. I really like the wavemaker action and the flow with the AQ300 is great.

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