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Orange Crush

Beginners Forum Rules - Read Before Posting

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Orange Crush

The purpose of the beginners forum is to provide a friendly atmosphere in which new reefers can get their questions answered and learn how to keep a happy, healthy reef. With that in mind, please observe the following:


1. If you're new to reefkeeping, chances are your question has already been asked and answered. Before asking again, we strongly recommend you do a quick search. There's already a wealth of information out there.


2. If, after searching, you can't find an answer or are still don't quite understand something, ask away! There are many users more than happy to point a newcomer in the right direction.


3. To the more experienced reefkeepers - remember that at one time you had no idea what you were doing either. Be kind, and if you don't have the patience to help with the basics, don't bother with the beginner's forum.


Flaming in the beginner's forum WILL NOT be tolerated!


If your posts are not beginners-forum appropriate, any/all of the following may happen:


- Your post will be edited/deleted.

- You will receive a warning PM from a moderator

- You will lose access to the beginner's forum

- You will be banned from the forums altogether


Hopefully this will clear up some of the issues that have been coming up lately. If there are any questions, feel free to pm me or any other forum moderator.


Thank you to everyone who makes this forum possible, and happy reefkeeping!


-OC :happy:

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