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diff b/t single and dual lighting

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Hello all -


I just bought a 20" 1x40w current satelite. Am I correct in thinking that this has only 1 bulb? I know it says it's a single, but I saw a picture earlier that showed 2 bulbs. I thought it may be one bulb just in a u-shape.


I'm hoping this fixture will be sufficient for a 10 gal with easy to keep corals. It was a decision between the single, dual and the coralife quad, but several lfs said the quad would really heat up my water.


I wonder if a heater would be needed with the quad if it keeps the water so warm?






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First off, PC bulbs are "dual tube"..that is each bulb is a pair of small tubes. So your 1X40w will have 1 bulb which consists of 2 tubes.


You may be able to keep some very low-light corals under 40w...mushrooms, etc.


96w Powerquad would have been the way to go...heat really isn't an issue if you just point a fan at the tank.


And yes..you're still going to want a heater...you're trying to keep a constant temp...what's going to happen when the lights are off?




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1x40 watt is a single bulb, but it is dual in the aspect that you can get a 50/50 bulb, half actinic and half daylight so it looks like it can be 2 bulbs, but it is only one.

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Thanks for explaining the tube/bulb thing. I thought that was the case, but wasn't quite sure.


It's one of those days that I want to smack myself on the head. Of course, I'd have to have a heater for the lights off period. Lol. Thanks for the reminder.


I guess I'll try the satelite fixture for awhile and if it doesn't work, put it away for a sump at some later date.


But 9.6w/per gal won't be overkill for most corals?

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no, it would be great. i will be getting the 130 watt fixture for my 15 gallon. lol

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