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DSB in chamber 3 <right>


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High everyone, :)

I'm new here, but I'm no reef newbie: (1st reef 1985), but I'm new with the JBJ 12DX & this is my 1st reef under 100G :blush:(lurking here is part of my due dilligence..I appreciate the post!!!WOW!!!)

Anyway, I did not find any info on anyone placing "miracle mud or a 6" DSB in chamber #3...any thought or past experiences? Seems to me even a approx 2" x 5" x 6" DSB might be of some use (with the rtn pump simply placed on top of the DSB)

If this is re-hash, pardon me...if not seems it might be worthy of discussing the pro/con.... Again, just considering it, but touching bases here 1st...

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From everything I've read, DSB works if you have enough surface area. It is generally regarded that a DSB in a nano (let alone a 5" by 6" area) is insufficient.


But then again, be a pioneer and let us know how it goes if you decide to do it :)

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DSB just really aren't effective with that little surface area. They really come into their own around 30+ gallon tanks, the larger it is (floor area), the more effective.


Granted, their seems to be the nutrient sink labels being placed on them nowadays. I haven't ever used one, so I'll reserve judgment. These things all seem to be cyclical anyway. I'm sure they'll come back into vogue in another 8 to 10 years.

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Yeah, the macro algae thing is a better nitrate export vehicle, but I was trying to avoid moding my 12 DX...and yeah, I've been trolling the threads on a few assorted mods;some are darn crafty....

perhaps I'll keep screwing around with this hair brained mini-skimmer idea using those clear green T-12 covers....

And uh, Amen to things coming & going in "cycles", seems someone recently wrote a article in a major aquarium pub "de-bunking" the "Bio-Balls"= Nitrate factory "myth"...who the heck knows anymore ?

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I know I stuck a golf ball sized clump of cheato in the back 1.5 weeks ago, and now it's as big as a softball. My nitrates = 0

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