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my 12nano cube dx 10 months w/ stock lights


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just wanted to share my 12 gallon nano cube dx with stock 48 wts lighting. tank has been running since the release of the dx model.



note: please refer to link for pics.




inhabitants are:


* pair true perc & maroon

* 5 sexy shrimps

* anemone shrimp

* pistol shrimp

* green floursc. frog spawn

* green center candy cane

* yellow finger coral

* green star clove polyps

* green/white pipe organ

* white center star polyp


had red mushrooms and 2 zoo colonies also, but recently moved to propagation tank.


- 1 inch crushed coral bottom/bare bottom

- weekly water changes, when i remember :)

- dose with B-Ionic

- added casette tap cover for skimmer.

- rio 50 pump for added circ.

- stock pump.

- live rock in chamber 1&2.

- chemipure, purigen


comments , good or bad are welcomed.

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sorry my pics are not very good and compared to some of the regulars on here, my cube is substandard. but im not as advanced as some on here :)still learning. reefer for 1 yr.

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