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New tank, NEED help


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I would like your constructive criticizm as much as possible.


I just started a pico reef it is a 2.5 gallon minibow with a custom corner overflow to house the heater and whatnot, a visatherm 25 wat steath heater, a 10watt 50/50 coralife screw in, a powerhead (came with tank no details), an aquaclear 20 with all media in it, about 4 pinds ls, about 4 pumd lr. Can anyone suggest additives i should put it and what kinds of fish wouls thrive in it. i need mucho help i would like it to thrive. Any suggestions are welcome.

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Angel Higuera

HDo you have experiance in saltwater tanks?


Use Chem-pure, nothing else in your filter. i would not put ANY fish in a tank that small. a small shrimp maybe.



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