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12 g dx with skim mod ,not working


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i bought the 12 g dx with skim mod(cut notches above vent) nano cube from nanocustoms and it doesn't seem to be skimming the surface of the water.It looks stagnent.Water level is above the exit vent where the cut notches are but it doesn't seem to be pulling water through.I have 1 sponge and carbon in 1.In the second bin i have live rock.Bin 3 i have the heater and a rio 800.Good water flow in tank but the back area is stag looking. Should i add the stock power head to the 1 bin pointing down to push more water and cause more flow?

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I also put a peice of plastic in front of the exit half way up the vent to see it it would help but it doesn't seem to .

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I notched out my 24 Nano and ran into the same problem. I fixed it with the cassette tape mod. Look for the thread. I haven't had an issue with surface film since.

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