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chemical/supplement dosing


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Hi all of yous,

Help me please, I am having difficulty trying to figure out how to dose the iodine,liquid calcium, zooplezstrontium& molydenum andthe phytoplex.

the dose is set up for 50 gallons as they are all concentrated.

I have a 12g and 24g JBJ nano..

Does anyone have a way to mix in water perhaps a gallon or 4 so I can dose with water chages.

AND can I add all of these supplements at the same time mixed in the gallon juags of RO water???, with water changes

I really would like to avoid a drip system, and we do not need kalkwasser in this area because of our natural water condition.


PLEASEEEEEE help me.:blush :*(

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you know I would like some more info on this too.

Yesterday I spoke to a kid for about 20 mins

and I realized that I had stopped "fertilizing" my tank and that was probably the problem plus i think all of my xenia take a great bit of iodine out of the water column.


He suggested Kent's Tech-I. Pour less than a cap full every 4 days

and B-Ionic (according to directions) directly to the tank in front of the flow noz.


Weekly water changes aren't enough as I found out through some testing.


and just a note...about his advice...he maintains a few of the tanks at the LFS and the nano that they have and I must say that tank looks better than most i have ever seen and there are no mods done to the 12gallon original nano. So I would have to say that the proof is in the pudding. He also wasn't trying to sell or push me a bunch of crap that I didn't need.He gave me a few suggestions and let me decide.Gotta respect that.


(also one last note...) I started using RO water about 3 months ago just b/c I didn't feel like dealing with the small amounts of cyno.

The RO really hasn't made any difference and I have to wonder where this water is coming from...at least I know my well water is pretty darn clean. I think I am just going to buy a drinking water filter and reduce the particles and use well water again.


Just a newbie in the same boat. ( started in march last year).

I did convince a good buddy of mine to get into the hobby after he saw my tank (I warned him of research and expenses!)

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Expenses indeed!

I have all of these chemicals and am afraid to use them..

You say that you have a well,

get the water checked, it may be really nice water.

It is us city dwellers with the majority of the problems.

My tap water smells like chlorine. We put a RO unit in because I would not drink it! I think a brita would be fine. The good news is with the nano there isn't much water to change!

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