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12G OG Light Upgrade (2x28w PC?)


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Is it possible in the OG style 12g to get 2 28w PC bulbs? I wanted to go with this and do my first "DIY" with the cube, but I wasn't sure if the bulbs would been too long.


I was going to get my bulbs and ballasts from Hellolights.com; does anyone have any ballasts recommendations?

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Hey Sean, I'm in the same boat you are. My wife bought me the Nano for Christmas. I love her for such a great gift but if I would of known I would of had her at least get the Nano 12g DX. But anyways I also have been wanting to upgrade my lights so I'm going this route:




Check it out, I have one on order now. It will upgrade you to 48w which is a bit better.


Good Luck...

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i did the retro with the kit from hellolights, the prob i had was the bulb was a bit long so it sit diagnol in my hood. i think its better if you bought another 24w ballast from JBJ, this way you can even put a few of them in there. There are a few ppl with 90+watts in their cubes

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Looks like I'm in the same boat.


But here's my dilema. I went out and got a DX Hood Gen2, I believe where the splash guard goes all the way to the back. So what do you think. Do I just get two 24 50/50 bulbs in that or go 70Watt MH. Part of me wants to do the 70MH since I have a spare hood but the other part keeps reminding me that it's just a 12gl tank. That if I should save up and go for a bigger tank and just mod it out for to DX specs.


So it goes down to what I can keep in either config.


I know I can get somewhat wicket with the stuff if I get the MH or I can get the low light stuff with the DX hood.


What would you do?

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Well with a MH, if you really want the "Wicked" stuff, such as SPS, you're going to need a huge upgrade in flow. I have an old nano around and mainly I want to keep rics for a project I'm working. So I don't really NEED the MH power. I have a custom 60g being finalized that will hold all the SPS from my other tank.

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Naperville Reef

if any of you guys are interested......... i just purchased MH for my nano cube and here is what i have that i'm no longer using


2005 JBJ Nano Cube DX 2nd edition hood (used for 6 weeks)

remote ballast

2 24w 50/50 bulbs (used for 10 weeks)

1 JBJ 24w 10k daylight (used for 6 weeks)

1 Realux 24w Actinic 03 (used for 6 weeks)

1 Aqualight 3/4w moonlight


the hood holds 2 lights at a time.


let me know if your interested

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