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increasing ph?


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i have a nano cube and my ph is low. i have added kents super buffer dkh. and it seems to not work. so im wondering could my bag of chemi pure or carbon could be absorbing up the buffer or something like that. i also have coral builder, im debating to add that stuff. any advice would be much appreciated. thanks..... hope this is the right forum for this topic.

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If you are adding super buffer it is raising your ph. You may need to look at your testing technique. Some kits really are not very good. Take a water sample to your LFS and see if it jives with your reading. Also, adding to much buffer at a time can really cause a lot of problems. You can "shock" the water by trying to adjust the ph too fast. It will become cloudy and then the calcium will tend to precipitate out of the water.

I have never used chemi pure myself but I also do a 50% water change every week on my 24.

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What is your PH at? If your tank is new it will take a bit for your PH to balance. Just let it run, it will eventually balance itself out.



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