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Best place to buy a nano Cube? (plus a couple of other q's)

Sniper Bob

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Hey all, is there anywhere someone can recommend to buy a Nano Cube for a decent price? Prefer iN canada, but any place that is willing to ship up here is great too (if not, I may have a US address I can send it too).


Also, I've been looking at something like the 12g DX model. I've seen posts talking about modifying some of the older models, but does the newer ones need any mods or is any particular type of mod recommended?



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check this site some more... i can't remember the guys name. I think he was listed on aquabid.com or something like that... good prices and I believe he shipped to canada

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The Nano Cube is a glass tank.


If you buy online (probably cheaper than your LFS), make sure they're a good shipper, provide DOA replacement (and not have a lame excuse for you to file a claim with the transport company) or get insurance.

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