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Fuge light


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Anybody put a fuge light in the back to grow cheato? i've been growing mine without one, but would like to add one. Was thinking about

This One


Any ideas? Also, I looked at nanocustoms.com, and i sent them and chris an email. haven't heard back from anyone. maybe it's cuz of the holiday weekend. If you have put one in yourself, I would love to hear about it. Thanks.

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Looks like it would be a nice fuge light. anyone use this as a light upgrade? or would a 10W t-5 be better

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I have some thoughts on that topic buried in this thread.


I originally bought the 9W one from hellolights and found that:

1) I couldn't fit it in the back because the ballast is attached to the bulb/connector (Chris sells the 13W one, so presumably that has a remote ballast).

2) If you stick a ballast in the hood, you absolutely need to have fans running when the fuge light is on (the stock Nano Cube fans only come on when the PC lights come on).

2) My 7W with lots of black electrical tape barely blocks light to the main tank. You might find 13W to be too bright at night.


FWIW, I'm sure if you bought the nanocustoms 13W, Chris can probably advise you on how to handle the light spill over.

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i have had the 13watt fuge light in my cube for about 3 weeks (ordered from nanocustoms) im really happy w/ it, the kit came w/ upgraded fans that really help w/ the temps. i dotn have to worry about light spill over, because i run the fuge light w/ the main tank light. any other questions pm me.

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if your running the fuge light with the main lights, how is your pH in the mornings? ive heard its best to run fuge lights 24hrs due to PH fluctuations and risk of marco.causing problems.

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