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24 gal Filtration & Pump Upgrades.


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I read the JPJ Nanocube forum several times and still have questions that I couldn't find consistent answers to. I would appreciate any help and advice. I have had my tank set up for about two weeks and the water parameters have stabilized (i.e., finally conducive to life). I have stock tank with sponges only, 170gph powerhead, 20lbs of LR, 30lbs LS, a few hermits, plan on adding snails any day, and eventually some of the easier to keep soft corals.


My Questions:

What pump could I replace the 24g stock pump with that would increase flow (stock pump is 290gal/hr), reduce the clanking noise, and possibly reduce heat generation? Also, I would like to do this without modifying the tank istself.


Bioballs or No Bioballs? If I clean them monthly is the nitrate production and issue? Stock sponges? If you suggest something other than bioballs, what? If you suggest removing the sponge (and adding live rock frags), how do you prevent stuff from getting sucked into and/or ruining the pump as the frags degrade over time?


If you kept the sponge, bioballs, etc, how often would you ideally rinse off such filter media?


Chemi-pure, yes or no? If yes, how often do you replace?


General dosing with anything: all-in-one, kalk, calcium, etc?


Thanks in advance.

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i can only tell you what i did, and ive had mine up and running since nov. everything is doing awsome.


I upgraded to the rio1400, fits in the stock location, but you have to heat up the green tube to fit it over the output of the pump, It is around 375 gph. Seems to be the perfect amount of flow. I also hear the Maxijet 1200 fits, but have no expierience with it.


i also have a mini tunze pump(75 gph) in my second chamber towards the top, pointing toward the 3rd chamber, with its flow blowing thru a bag of seachems seagel (phos remover & carbon combined) I replace monthly. I had used chemipure, but found this to work better for me.


bioball- remove them, you probably have enuf Live rock, and dont need them, + they will be more of a pain down the road.


Clean the sponges at least once a week, or dont use at all. this is a must.


I dose Calcium, Stronium, Magnesium, and iodine. but make sure you test before dosing. Never dose w/o knowing if it needs dosed or not. I do once a week 2.5 gallon water changes, And i also hang on a aqua C remora Skimmer, overnight, everynight. Since ive started using the nightly skimming, This has mad my corals move to the next level, they seem to be very very happy.


good luck,


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