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I bought one :)


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After having 4 different sized tanks from 5-30gal I finaly bit the bullet and bought a nano cube. After moving to my new apt I couldn't stand having an open top or hanging halides, I wanted a tank that I could do water changes w/ 1 catalina box a month and be done with it.


So what should I do before I fill it up?


Notch for surface skimmer

Replace stock pump with what other pump? Mini606?

Remove all filter crap and add rubble and macro in the middle part

After cycle I plan to add as much PC lighting or switch to a 70 MH setup. I already have my 13w fuge light ready. B)

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I would definately remove all of the filtration material except for one sponge that is well rinsed at least weekly and upgrade the return pump to the 606. Notching above the intake grill is up to you and I am sure you have read you can acheive the same results with a cassette tape case. The LR rubble is also a great idea but the macro will need the fuge light installed first. It sounds like you have a good idea about where you want to go with this tank already. Post some pics when you get it up and running. Skip

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Yep I pretty much have a bunch planned for it. I was thinking replacing main pump with a 606 and then putting a 404 at the intake blowing back out. I've seen this on a few cubes so far.

I have extra 13w bulbs left, I think 3-4 50/50s , 2-10ks and a few 6500k. Pretty sure I'll use a 6500k. It's the kind where the ballast is at the plug, so just running a wire into the top shouldn't require major demo.


Reason I went w/ the NC was the hidden features, and I wanted a compact fuge. I've seen CPR hang on ones and they always end up being nasty looking. Until I have my house and can get a 300g tank, this should do me nicely :)

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