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NC 6 vs NC 12 (dx)?


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Oh Tigah, just go ahaed and get either one! It doesn't really matter because, once you get one (6 or 12) your going to get the other any way. Its only a matter of time! Ha, ha ,ha!

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Think how easy the water changes will be, and it is a NANO reef, no? Smaller is better.


One thing I remember from buying my 6g at the LFS, I thought the 6g looked way small (sitting there with the other 12g and 24g nanos). But when the 6g was brought home, it was more than large enough.

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I have a 12g, bought right before the 6g came out. I think I'd have a hell of a time deciding if both were available when I bought mine. So I sympathize ;) I'd say the question is, where do you want to put it?


I keep my 12g in my office, on a beautiful stand right to my chair. But I have to swivel around to see it. My old minibow 5g was right next to my computer - I could just glance over. I miss that.


But then, my bigger nanocube has been much more fun than my small minibow! Room to structure the rock and nothing inside the tank to mar the beauty.



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okay. y'all convinced me to just get both at the same time.


haha. okay, maybe not. I guess I'm leaning towards 6g b/c I want it to fit on my kitchen countertop (which is rather small) or maybe my computer desk. it has a shelf above my monitor and it's held up by steel frame.

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