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how much rubble rock do you put in the back?


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I have a 12g dx nanocube and want to put rubble rock in the #2 area. How much do you put in ?1 ,2,3 pounds?Can you put it in any other(#1 or #3)areas.

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I have rubble all the way up to the waterline in the left most chamber (with the "overflow"), and half way up in the middle chamber (the rest of the chamber has chaeto). My right chamber has the heater, bag of purigen and the return pump.


I think it's around less than 2 pounds of rubble (obviously how much you can shove in that is directly proportional to the size of the pieces). BTW, I don't recommend putting extremely small pieces in there... it could break off and screw up your return pump. Half the length of your pinkie would be the smallest I'd go.

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I used 2 pounds, and tried to use pieces that were on the larger side (just small enough to fit back there). This was to ensure I kept good water flow back there, too many smaller pieces can create a blockage.


I have mine in the #2 and #3 areas, about 1/2 full with macro algae (chalupra??) on top in both chambers - I have a sump light. I keep sponges, chemipure and a pump in the #1 chamber. In two weeks of cycling, my macro algae doubled in size back there!



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I have three pounds of rubble rock in chamber 2. It comes up about 3/4's of the way to the top, which leaves room for a clump of chaeto. My nitrate & nitrite levels are in good shape. I would think of the rubble rock as insurance for your show tank. Water quality will still need to be optimal, but the system does work.

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