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Confused about 24G Nano Options

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I have tried my best to read as amny past posts as possible with regards to the 24G Nano models. All of my local PS claim that they have the NEW 24G model. Most of the boxes have a 2004 barcode on them.

Please let me know if I understand my options correctly.

As I understand it if possible try to avoid the older 24G (is it safe to assume a 2004 model?)

I also think I understand that there is a 2005 model (with moonlights) that is considered a step in the right direction but not completely perfect.

Finally, there is another 2005 model that will be out (with moonlights?) but will have a more "upgradeable freindly" hood on it.


Is there a positive way I can identify these by certian model numbers on the boxes ? I haive been to 5 or 6 local stores and they all claim that they have the latest and greatest 2005 but my gut tells me no.


Thanks in advance


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There isnt any new UPC or anything. Just a revised model with the same specs. Im still waiting for them to get in, it has to be any day now.



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