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Christopher Marks

How many aquariums do you have?

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Are we talking total number of tanks running or number of seperate systems running? In my house there is currently 13 tanks running but, they are running on 6 different systems.


Fish only system has four 28gal tanks and a 55gal.

Reef system has one 28gal tank and two 28gal frag tanks.

20L seahorse tank.

55gal seahorse tank.

5gal hex.

1gal betta bowl. My son's fish.

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I'm also a big fan of 2 aquariums. One bigger aquarium for the all popular mixed reef and one smaller one for an esoteric themed reef.

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I have a total of 5 tanks:


2 SW - 10-gal and 75 gal, both in progress, both FOWLR


3 FW - 10-gal guppy tank, 5-gal betta tank, and 75-gal oscar tank


(I didn't include the QT tank because I don't run it all the time.)

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7 total, 1-5.5g reef 1-20g fw 1-27g hex fw 1-29g reef 2-75g fw (one soon to be a reef) and a 220g fw

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I have 21 aquariums!!!


But only 2 that are salt water, the rest have Reptiles in em hehehe



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I currentley have 3 12g nano cube 5.5g tank and a 20g long 30in.long

in 12g have false perc. also true perc.and yellow watchman gobbie

peppermint shrimp lots of zoo's tree coral torch coral pipe coral

blue legged crabs and varies snails.

in 5.5 have tomato clown xienia(spelling).

leather zoo's crabs and snails clam.

working on putting 20g together.

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I have 4 that are going to be cut down to 1 when I move :(

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I got 4 tanks running....

40gl brackish water w/ monos, scats, and an ancher

20gl freshwater w/ ccommunity fish

10gl nano reef w/ 1 false perc and soft corals

5gl nano reef w/ softies

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I thought it meant only saltwater...

In that case I have 6

3 x guppy breeder

2 x general coldwater

1 x new NR

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1 x 12 Gallon Nano Cube SW

1 X 37 Gallon SW


Had 4 tanks, fresh and brackish, before my twins were born. 2 is my limit now.

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4 tanks running, 1 in progress


1 10 gal fresh (2 angels and a gourami)

1 6 gal eclips fresh (5 cherry barbs and 2 itty bitty plecos)

1 29 gal brackish ( 2 silver scats, 1 HUGE green spotted puffer, 1 archer, 2 mollies)

1 20 gal salt (1 yellow coris wrasse, 1 banggai)


1 10 gal nano reef in the making.

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I picked 6, because I didn't include the outside pond and the 1000 gallon indoor pond ...


1 empty 125 (going to SW, finally kicked the DH's FW trops out of it! ;) )


1 20 ga SW

1 10 gal FW

1 5 ga FW


and between 2-4 empty tanks in the shed - I know for a fact there's a 10 out there - but I don't remember what else ...

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Currently two. 100 gal FO and a new 24 nano reef.

The most at one time...50.

In my store,

24-10gal fresh

1-350gal fresh (koi's)

1-240gal salt w/nurse sharks

4-60gal salt

10-40gal salt

1-invert tower/three x twelve cubed

9- various service accounts...

I had help on some of the service tanks,

but the store was all mine. :)

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i have two FW community tanks...am Deffinatly setting up 2 Sw tanks (both reef tanks) ...im so lucky for a 13yr. old..lol.....know one i kno that young has so many tanks..i am also breeding mollies in a 5g hex (before a FOWLR setup) the FW's are 20g and 10g and the SW are 30g oceanic cube (im getting tommorow YES..to replace my nanocube 24g..im scrapin that junk)and a 75g reef tank..for me this is a big deal but for some of you it may not be.....YES

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29 Gallon Planted Tank + Sump

10 Gallon Planted Tank

5.5 Gallon Mini Salty Tank


I'm dredding when I have to move AGAIN.

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3... all aga 10's. I would love to add a 29 to the collection too though, and once I'm out of college and can afford a big one 150 here I come! :D

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29 gallon SW Reef Tank

10 gallon FW Planted Tank

Edited by reefer21

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4 ATM:


29G FW with 3 keyhole cichlids

2.5G pico for the contest

2G hex with a betta

5.5G AGA FOWLR (until I make a canopy...then it's 50 watts of PC power for growout from my 2.5).

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12g nano

29g w 10g sump/refuge (seahorse)

65g w 29g sump/refug

125g w 55g sump/refug



55g planted

10g community

10g community


350g pond

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2.5g pico (for contest)

12g nano



55g loach tank

120g (considering adding discus)



Adding 20L SW and tearing down 55g FW and moving loaches into 120g. After my loaches are gone the 120 will be SW! :D

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