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Heres My Pico


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alright, set it up and actually gonna transfer everything to this new 4.5g bow front tank i just picked up. contains 2pounds ultra premium cured marshall island lr, 1.25inc ls, pink center zoos, bright orange skirt sooz with white striped centers an spotted middles, neon yellow skirted zoos with white insides and yellow centers, a purple/pink featherduster, small frag of gsp, cup of chaetomorpha (some in filter, some in tank) nassarius snail, turbo snails, tiny electric blue hermit, and a tiny pink skunk clown (just put it in yesterday) the light ware replaced with a 7w 50/50 helios bulb. anyway here are the pics


Day one with normal lighting



First Day with PC bulb



Here is a week later



todays shot, just took it so not everythings opened



and the new project with some goodies


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i agree with bk. that skunk's gonna get almost half as long as the tank itself (maybe more).


a percula would be a better choice but not by much still.


i'd suggest a minimum of 1-gallon for similar sized fish.

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he is setting up that other tank though which looks to be bigger than the other one so i guess if the skunk got to big he could put it in there.

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that is one of the big reasons i just got the new tank (a little over 4.6 gallons) he should be fine in there, if not he has a whole nanocube to share with another clown. i actually have a picture of the new tank with the pico behind it, and the new tanks DWARFS the pico, its a good 5x bigger.

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what do you do for heat for a tank of that size? a heater wont really work cause they are to big so is the tank just a room temp?

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Dr Foster Smith's new catalog had a very small heater listed (from what I remember), but not sure of it's quality.


Otherwise, not many heating options aside from letting tank match ambient room temperature. LFS in Cinci (Aquatics & Exotics) has one of these with a colder water gobie in it.

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to answer some questions


no clue what brand the tank is, but its totally *****ing, ill finally post pics of the whole thing diary style soon.


heating wise, the light was working perfect

the light fixture came with the tank and a 7200k bulb, i replaced the bulb with a 7w 50/50 made such a difference in the appearance of it. am - i got the new bulb from tongs in fountain valley for 9.99


on the new tank im running 2x18w and 1x7w all 50/50.


oh, and the skunk was moved over to the cube for the time being, i think he will end up staying in there cause i cant catch him.

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I also have the same Deco Art tank as the two pics above with the same lighting fixture, guys, does anyone know where i can get a 50/50 or/and actinic light that will fit into that fixture ONLINE like the guy did in the pictures above, i can't find one that will fit in there. it has to be like less than 5 inches i think and the regular compact fixture light bulb in there is only 7w 7200k

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the brand was helos or helios or whatever, i can pick you one up if you want, let me know i go to tongs pretty much everyday

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Sorry for just popping in like this but, could you pick me one up and ship it? I will give you extra and pay for everything?

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If you would do that, it would save my life!, i have been looking around like nuts around here and cannot find one. How much does it cost for light and shipping and i'll send cash, thanks DFL18!!!

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