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Hey all, i have a 12"x12"x4" 2.5 gallon glass tank. I want to do something with it other than use it as a fuge/sump. I can fit a single 50/50 18w PC in there (UK is limited to PC types). Any suggestions on what to do for:




Live Rock?


Any thoughts appreciated.

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400MH, definitely. j/k. for filtration do LR, LS, and a HOB filter running either carbon, as a fuge, or both. you can order a coralife mini aqualight, i think those are about 30 watts 50/50 PC. i'd do about 3.5-4.5 pounds LR, depending on density, and that should be good for a softies, LPS tank. maybe montis way up top if you get the mini aqualight. for inverts do 4 snails, 2 hermits. once its grown out, itll look beautiful. im in the process of doin a 5 gal, but 2.5s look great IMO.

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Jackson, I've got a 2.5g bowfront with the same suggestions that Proflat mentioned. For my lighting I used an 18w PC 50/50. I've got mushrooms,zoo's,one LPS, and a small gold max clam! I've had them in there for 3 months now. I would however stay that have the tank cycled for a long period of time and almost using a completly sealed helped with my reefs somewhat sucessful run.


My clam is happy and well feed, but due to a hitch-hiker crab which I just found and removed yesterday, it did do some damage to the LPS. I believed it started to pick at it and now it no longer comes out completely.


I'm currenly setting up a 12g that I had, but this time I may try a combo of SPS/Zoo's/Ricordeas.


Good luck with your set up!

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