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Cheap 24G Nano Cube Skimmer Solution


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Well i was building my own half a$$ skimmer today when i realized that i might just have something laying around the house that would work pretty well. After seeing a post on here about someone making there own that slides over or gets sucked onto the grill portion, i realized that an old cassette tape casing was about the appropriiate size, so i decided to give it a whirl.... Basically you just take the bottom portion apart from the top and put it over the grill, instant ghetto skimmer. Here are some pics,







I will probably make it look more appealing, and also add an L bracket to the top portion for security. It seems to be working, but my tank is still awaiting live rock, so rather new, maybe someone with some surface scum can give it a try and see if it works as well. I would imagine you could cut groves in it if you wanted to but the way it appears it seems to work well without them, due to the motion of the water around the tape holder portions.

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dude thats awesome..




I gotta go dig up my cassettes




ps.. they will be on sale at nanocustoms for only 27.99



Reef Pirate & Trendy Extrodinaire

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the suction itself holds it on pretty tight, i was actually amazed it stuck so well, I dont have a 12g to test, but i think the inlet of the grill is smaller, but it may still work. Give it a try.


do i get an inventers bonus ccjung? lol jk

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sounds like a great deal, lets call it the cassetto skimmer, ROFL.... I'm still amazed the daym thing serves some purpose. hahahahah gotta put those old cassettes to some sort of use.


Guess this is more of an overflow box, or hell whatever you want to call it. But serves purpose none the less.

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This is with out a doubt is the most creative DIY project. I found that cassette cover from an old disco tape..Crazy glue gell worked great in holding it in place. I did it during my water change when the level was a bit low..Dang sure beats cutting teeth for the overflow mod..

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Glad to see some people are giving it a try and its working for them. its so simple that it almost appears stupid when i realized it..but the daym thing works.

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Originally posted by SurfOnH20

Okay I had to post this photo....pay no attention to my bag of Phosguard..:P


i'm actually paying more to your avatar...i hope that's not a self pic, lol...jk...... Good to know this works on a 12G as well. Out of curiousity how well is it working with the additional external powerhead?

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Hey again.! No thats not me :) I was doing a internet search and came across it. It was the funniest avatar I have seen if not the most unique. As for the powerhead, much better with the additional support. The stock setup was so under powered. Much better circulation overall and with our nano cubes it's a good thing. The only problem was trying to find a place to put it for the best overall area of circulation. Take care on the other side of the good ol USA !

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thanks im just waiting for my LR to cycle out so i can move over a few things from my 5g nano, along with making a few new purchases, would like to get the water flow just right, or atleast close to how i want it before that time.. I have the stock powerhead as well as an additional 60gph, not sure where, or how im going to put them. I switched the factory included pump for a maxijet 1200, definetely made a difference, but not sure if putting the other one or two would be overkill. Gotta play around with some configurations i have in mind and see what works best.... take care as well.

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Ya, i've been trying to find a black one as well, i remember they used to come on the popular cassettes back in the day, with the fold in covers. Hopefully i can find one, mind u i dont really have a tape collection, hell i dont even have anything to play a tape with. LOL. I just happened to have one laying around for some odd reason

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Hey, I been running this setup now for over 30 hours now. The cloud residue on my surface water is now gone. You would think i was running a skimmer from the results I have seen. Doriftu

I will catch ya on another post.

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lol, i'm sure if u go to target or walmart, or hell any place for that matter that carries music, you should be able to get one for like super duper cheap (it might even include a hit from the early 80's hahahahah).

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