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need help w/ aquascaping & frag placement pls


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I'm desperate, but more importantly, my corals are desperate. If I don't keep my hands out of the tank and leave those poor guys alone...


The problem is that I just can not seem to arrange everything so that all of the critters are happy and it's pleasing to look at.


I have a 5.5 gal AGA tank with an AC500 fuge HOB. The AC500 is pushed all the way to the right and the little space that's left over on the left is taken up by the heater (an Ebo that didn't fit in the fuge after it was full). I don't have another PH in there yet to break up the flow, so the strong flow is on the right 2/3 to 4/5 of the tank. Here's the picture:




When I bought the LR, I was looking for aesthetics. I wasn't thinking about coral placement. I liked the branching one (MI, I think), and the smaller branching one that's completely covered in coralline is beautiful, but I haven't a clue where to put it. The biggest rock has two mushrooms attached - a big green one that doesn't like any flow at all, and a purple green one that I can't figure out what it wants. I thought that the big flat rock would be good, but now it just sits there mocking me :(


The colorful rock with coralline and calciferous algae growing on it now has some zoas mounted to it.


As for small (less than 2") frag rocks, there are two with rics attached, one with zoas and mushrooms, and two with just zoas.


I haven't glued anything down because I knew I hadn't found the right configuration yet. When I do, I'm going to cement it! Any suggestions, both practical and artistic are welcome. Right now the water level's low and the lid and the light are off. I'm ready to be done with this once and for all...



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warrior_boy, that is some radical photoshopping! And a really interesting idea.


The rock that you've got going across the top won't work that way because the purple/green shroom would then get 0 light - it's really hard to see, but it's in one of those dark holes above and to the right of the green one. But I've been trying to do an arch, and I really like how much height you've given it. But whatyda do with my beautiful PITA 5" long coralline encrusted piece (front left)? :)

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