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my ten


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This is my ten at like 2 monthes.

specs are: 10 gal hagen, glass canopy, aqualight 96 watt powerquad, aquaclear mini, rio 50 ph, cheap heater

inverts: red star, various hermits and crabs, 3 astrea snails, 1 turbo, skunk cleaner

corals: frogspawn, galaxia, shrooms, peppermint polyps, toadstool, small ricordea, green tipped star polyps

fish: yellow headed jawfish, true percula, scooter dragonet.

tell me what you all think, any improvements etc.

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Nice tank, man! I like how theres an overhang between the valley in your liverock, very unique.


One thing you may want to consider is adding more flow. Originally in my ten I ran a RIO 90 and a Fluval 204 canister. Now I run the Fluval, a RIO 200, and a RIO 400. The increased water movement adds more oxygen to the water, and will also help keep algae under control.


Just a thought...keep us updated

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i just took out my powersweep 212 for the rio 50, to give me more room. i also thought that it might have had a little too much flow before, the softies didnt like it too much. if i ass another rio 50 would that be ok?

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I think you are "ok" as is, but having a higher flow will most often help create a higher quality of water. It will add more oxygen, and kick up deitrus, aiding in filtration/skimmer efficiency.


My ten consists of mostly soft coral and LPS, both of these can handle many types of current. You'd be surprised how adaptable cdnarians can be in varying situations. They may close up at first but will adapt to the condition very quickly.

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bbb, Leave the powersweep in there. I was running an AC mini and a powersweep 212 at first in my 10.



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