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How do I improve Xenia's health?


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I was recently given some frags of different kinds of xenia (4-5). The pom pom xenia isn't doing so well (it's kinda dark brown/almost black). I got it from a guy who said it was doing really well but when he added some other corals it started to look bad. He thought maybe another coral was stealing its nutrients. What can I do to improve the health of the xenia?


Here's a pic of my tank: (it's a little crowded... I'm going to be moving a lot to the 10gal as soon as its done cycling):P



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It came from a 1yr old tank and it wasn't doing so hot. So he gave me it to see if I could bring it back to health. My tank is about a month old... look at all the coral:)

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Mine was doing horrible when I first had it. I cleaned my tank and all params were great, the thing that made it explode into 10 other frags was to have a regular lighting schedule using a timer.


Now everything in the tank is happy and grow very well!

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I've had the lights on the timer... we'll see how it progresses over the next couple weeks. Some of my other corals aren't too happy about the move around last night... due to adding about 8 frags. I get to go home in a couple minutes to see how they're all doing:)

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Xenia is one of the most tempermental corals. For some it grows like a weed and pulses like crazy, for others it just diminishes to nothing and stops pulsing. It is said strontium and iodine levels effect pulsing and overall health of xenia. What is also strange is I had xenia in my display and xenia that I transfered to my propagation. Same water, same dosing, same PC lighting and it just withered away in the prop tank. One thing I know for certain is that xenia does best in established aquariums.

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my xenia came as a hitchhiker on my liverock and never blinked.


i must have a tough strain because all it has ever done is grow.


I do 15-25% weekly water changes and have a regular light schedule. no supplements are used.

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