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Nano cube disaster


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Well i was watching Tv today. Thinking about how great my cube was gonna look when the 20lbs of LR comes in tomorrow. Then all of a sudden I heard a loud pop. Looked around didnt see anything that could of made the noise. Then I looked at the tank a few minutes later and it was cracked down the side. Suprised the crap out of me. Ran to the tank just as I got there water started pouring out the side all over the carpet. Just a great day. But hey the place I got it from is going to give me a new one at no charge and is even going to pay my shipping charges to ship it back to them. Well anyways anyone know why it cracked? I have read articles on them cracking when not being level. Thats why I put a rubber mat underneath the shelf and put a level on it before tank was put on it and showed to be perfectly level. Do you think the tank could of been cracked all along? I've only had it set up since monday. Luckily my rock never got added since it isnt coming till tomorrow. Would of been even more fun to clean that up. Well here is a picture of the crack it started at the top and cracked all the way to the bottom. Im guessing maybe it was cracked under the plastic edging covering the silicone. We will never know good thing is its all getting refunded. I have the sand and rubble rock from filter in a cooler right now with a pump circulating water. Guess thats where the other rock will go tomorrow until the new tank comes.





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wow, i am really having second thoughts about getting a nano cube. too many disasters lately. i think i will stick to my cheap, never had a problem with, aga tanks. hopefully your next one will be better. good luck. :) jennifer

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I havent heard about a lot of cubes cracking

just a few. not that it makes it any better.


Looks as if JBJ may have accidently shipped a bad batch of cubes.


BTW: what size cube cracked ? looks like it's 12 gallon model.

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my first one cracked as I added water. Possible things weren't exactly level at the time. But I was able to take it back and exchange it. New one has been fine since June 04. What is it you have the tank on? The first one that cracked was on a side-board that had drawers, etc. THe new one is on a sturdy small table.

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i got mine a week or so ago. i leveled it, but it on a table, no pad, and i have had now problems. i let it run for a couple for a couple of days with just water before i ordered my rock and sand.

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Oh man. That stinks! I have heard of 24 G cracking but not a 12 G as someone else above stated.

Im going to be leaving town for the weekend and im gonna be paranoid now about my 12 G :(


Sorry this happened Repman

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I'm kinda paranoid now, I am starting a 24g tomorrow...It looks great, but it's gonna suck if something goes wrong. I won't be adding any livestock for some time though. I not so much worried about the tank as I am worried about the fish after I add them!

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I have 4 nanocubes and I have never had any problems that I havent created myself. In one situation I was putting in liverock and someone yelled my name and I turned around smacking the rock into the glass, cracking it, but that is all.


My 4 cutes are great!


2 12 Gallon

2 12 Gallon DX's

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i put it on a stand that i built specifically for it. So i wouldnt have to worry about it being unlevel or not being able to hold a tank full of water. Just in case it was somehow unlevel i bought a rubber mat and stuck that under the stand. Im thinking it must of been cracked or chipped on the edging and just got worst over time.





Ill post some pics of the stand on here to see what yall think.

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Mine cracked. Had it up for only 3 weeks (it was still cycling) and I was just about to put some cleaners in it and I came home from a long day to work, only to find I had more work to do, like clean up 12 gallons of water off of the floor and move everything to a cooler. :angry:


Anyhow, I called the place where I bought it from and just got my UPS shipment info. I WILL NEVER buy one of these again!! I'm sure it was just my luck but WHATEVER!!! :rant:

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If you want to buy a Nano Cube, buy one from Chris at Nanocustoms.com. He gets them directly from JBJ. They will have less time intransit. He packages them REALLY well and ships FedEx. FedEx is much more carefull with their packages than UPS is, I know, I ship things via UPS from my shipping department everyday at work. I have had my nano cube for almost 2 months now and its great. Can't recommend Nanocustoms.com enough.

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if you bought 20 pounds of live rock for a 12 gallon cube your going to have alot of extra rock left over. Ive got 10 pounds up front and 2 in the fuge in the back and its a tight fit. My rock has alot of holes and stuff so mabye the 20 will fit if its dense

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