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Goodbye 20, hello 10 w/mantis

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I was pretty happy with my old 20, although it was absolutely stuffed:



Finally, I got the 90 running in September, moved (almost) everything over and shut it down :(



But I still needed a place for the stupid mushrooms that grow too fast and annoy the SPS, and for the mantis (one of 6 that came with the TBS rock).


So I took a 10 gallon tank, a little playsand, live rock and live sand, plus a 2X20W NO shoplight and an aqualclear filter, and made a place for the misfits:




A few months down the line, I've added some live rock, anthelia, star polyps, and the mantis has settled in nicely.




Here's the mantis, looking fierce:




This guy is more like a pet than most arthropods I've had.

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Looks good dave. keep up the good work.

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Man..those things give me the Heebie Geebies...lol ;)


The national geographic channel had a show on this morning with a piece on the mantis shrimp. I couldn't keep from watching...but had to go take a shower afterwords.


Tank looks great though. :)



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Originally posted by chrisisthereefer

its a stomatopod.. but looks good.


Does this mean it looks good for a stomatopod? It certainly thinks so.

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Originally posted by reeftreasures

i'll take some of those shrooms if you wanna get rid of them

There are a few growing on the sand that are available. First come, first served.

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God damn those are some huge shrooms. lol Hey, are you free this coming sunday? I was thinking, if you want we can just do a frag trade instead of the sale....interested?

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