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Switching tanks?


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Hi! I just got anano cube, today, and I am going to use it to replace my current average 10gal nano-reef. It has less lighting than the new nano cube and uses a aqua clear 150 filter. It also has about 12 pounds of live rock, plus sand. There are two damsels, two large hermits, and about five small hermits. It also has one small emerald crab, and a large snail. There is no coral. My question is: Is there anything I should know, or are there any problems or precautions i should be aware of before I begin the transition of one tank to another? Thanks for your time and answers in advance!

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Here's what I'd recommend.


Take your time doing the transition, and move things over slowly (I'm talking weeks, not hours). Start the cube of as if it were a new tank. Use mainly new substrate (cc, sand), with a few cups of your old to help seed it. Do a 20-30% water change in your 10G and add the removed water into the cube. Also, move a few pieces of live rock from your 10G over.


Wait a week or so and do a 10% water change on both tanks, adding 1 gallon of newly mixed and 1 gallon of the water removed from your 10G into the cube. Move some more liverock over.


Repeat this process until your tank is completely moved over. Make sure to check your parameters every few days to monitor the cycle. Best of luck.

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