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Ghetto Tank Contest


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Attention all reefers with ''ghetto'' tanks. Post Away. This is a competition to see who has the most ghetto tank setup. Winner will just know that he needs to work on his tank the most. Make sure to include explanations with your tank. And say what is unique about your tank that makes it the most ghetto.


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If people with nicer reefs look at this attempt not to hurt yourselves while falling to the ground and laughing.







but this is my basic setup

told you I would figure out how to do pictures


Now for my explanations :

This tank has been setup for about six months. ( I know most people have tons of corals by that point.) But i like my hermit crabs and snails and liverock and im a very patient person. (basically an excuse for lazy and cheap)



My setup is a ten gallon.

75 Watt Metal Halide Pendant

A beautiful homemade Hood Thing

A little whisper filter on the back

aquaglobe powerhead

DIY autotopoff with floatswitch.com floatswitch and power head running it is a powersweep I didnt like the powersweep in my nano it was too big. and yes, that garbage can is my water reservoir :D but hey, it is lined with a very new and clean garbage bag, i dunno if thats bad but i am sure that it is better than my tank completely running out of water over the holidays because i am home for christmas



2 blue leg hermit crabs

1 turbo snail

3 astrea snails

a few bristle worms, yes they count to me i have this purple and pink one that is pretty sweet


AND MY FIRST FRAG, a pretty sad looking GSP, but hey, it opened the morning after i purchased it so things are looking up

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OK this is the part about my tank that makes it possibly the most ghetto tank ever. Before looking at this picture you need to know that this is temporary and will be changed as of january 4th when i get back at school.



Ok, now i know your all asking.

"Dave, why is there a coffee mug on your tank" ???


Well gather around for a little story. I got my floatswitch in the mail two days before the end of finals when i was supposed to go home + a calc final and a final paper = me having no time to set it up properly. So, the floatswitch is being held in the proper position because its wires are taped up to the coffee mug with ducktape. Then i propped up the coffee mug with caps from gallon jugs of water to "fine tune" the system. Once again this is temporary stuff so enjoy laughing while you can.


this smiling guy rocks :D

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i know someone that has a tank made out of concrete, a wooden frame, and has no lighting above it except the natural sunlight. It's a 75 gallon or something. It has a couple of fish including an emperor angelfish. I kid you not. I wish i had a pic but the tank is down in the DC area.

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Well, I asked the guy the same question, and he said he did not know if it was sealed...He said he recieved the tank from someone else. (its located at a place called "roozens") So we are talkin about a tank that has already been through at least 2 people and is well over 25 years old. Oh yea, to boost the ghetto factor up a bit...all of their water at the store is cooled not by a chiller, but by a big sump placed underground.

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GOOD GOD!!!!! If anyone is in nanofotball's area, please donate this guy some old gear. I got to hand it to ya nano, you get an E for effort and a G for ghetto in my book. I am currently in school and survivng off of finanicaial aid...so I feel ya. keep reefn'


ps...wtf is your hood made out of..is it an upside down coffee table or something?

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Ahaha! When my tank broke down a while back I kept everything in a rubbermaid tub for a while... functioned just fine and everything looked great.... I THINK! lol


I have the same DIY regent pendant as you man!

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The hood is made out of some 1x1 I believe it is pine trim i got for free from wood shop last year. I put it together with wood glue and sheetrock screws. That is actually the new improved college hood,(wish i had pictures of the old one). The hood is actually surprisingly stable. Didnt want any college friends hitting a halide light down. That could be a bad situation.

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I had a hood exactly like that on my old 55g. Except I covered in 0.25" plywood and stained it. If you ever get the desire to spend $10-20 you should do something similiar.

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yea i definitely am going to do that, i actually already bought some nice looking wood it isnt plywood though, i want to say it is 1/8'' ash sheet something like that, i was going to build a nice hood and then paint it black, but i just ran out of time and need to wait for warmer weather and get some time to work on it because when i actually get around to really doing it i want to make it nice. Maybe even a matching stand??

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My little 2 gallon is awefully ghetto...I have a little bitty filter that is purely for water flow and I guess its sort of a fuge too...it stops fairly easily if the tiniest bit of sediment get in the right spot...I also cut the edge of the outflow off so it wouldn't send the water flying across the tank. I cut the splashguard for the top of the tank so that the filter would fit, and covered the cut edge with duct tape so that splashing water from the filter wouldn't get on top of it. The back of the tank is black because I cut apart of a black shoebox and taped it to the back. The hood is covered in black duct tape because I had to turn it around to fit with the filter and the back of it had writing on it...although I can't put the hood on correctly anyway because the tank gets too hot if I do, so the hood is angled off the side of my stereo that is next to the tank... It is a new tank...so the only things in it are some liverock and sand and a couple of hermit crabs.


The duct taped hood (the water is going across the tank because this was before I cut the filter outflow)...



Just a pic of the tank with the rock in it....its a really bad pic...


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Hillarious thread guys.


Nanofootball, I feel your pain. Being a college student myself, having little time and money doesn't exactly get you a spectacular tank. I can't stop laughing at your setup, though (sorry). It definitely has a homemade feel to it. :P


Keep up the good work?

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Are you talking about my tank?...because its not really that color....lol for some reason my camera decided it would be nice to make everything look yellow...lol

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