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Live rock hitchhikers...Lots of em...


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The rock went in the water on Halloween. The only thing that I've put in the tank was the 4 hermits and a pair of un-IDed snails that bit the dust in a cold snap a few weeks ago. I know its overgrown and such, but has been getting MUCH MUCH better in the past week or so. Ive done a water change on the good old "when I get to it" schedule, but keep the spec. gravity constant with evap replacement.


Things to ID...


Feather dusters. Ive seen at LEAST 3 different species, with more than one individual of the striped one prominent in some of the pics. Also present are some really fibery almost clear ones, and one kinda brown one which is visible in some of the shots.


The coral on the bottom of the rock oppisite the big feather duster. I THINK its colt coral, but Im not sure.


The Neon green thingies on the top rock.


The long fibery worms attacking the algae on the side glass.


What appears to be some form of hard coral at the extreme top of the top rock, with the hermit next to it.


This pic is of the biggest feather duster in the tank, and the coral next to it.

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And the best pic I could get of the stony something or other. Its doubled in size in the past week or so. Not that its big or anything. Still about the size as my pinkie-nail.


Thanks guys. :

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i have a few of those neon things, its a type of macro algae, i dont know the name of it but i have seen it listed on a website before. I think its fairly common on fiji lr.

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i got those worm things too, but mine come out only at night and when i use the flashlight, it looks like they carry sand into the rock and don't know where it goes from there

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Feather dusters

Star polyps

Neomeris annulata algae

Cannot tell on the worms maybe spaghetti worms

Birdsnest - not an sps person, so maybe someone else could give a positive id on that one

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