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sponge or filter floss?


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I am setting up a FOWLR tank, and will probably get an AC200 (side ? - what heater will fit in this tank..do i need a submersible one?)


Main question is i don't really want to use carbon, but I want something to trap the crap that the surface skimmer will grab...etc.....I hear the sponge has a bad effect on nitrates..is this true? would you reccomend filter floss instead? I just am looking for something to keep the water clean of crap.

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I had the same/similar question. I just set up a 29G a week ago. I have a biowheel filter, which I am running without the biowheel. I took a new filter cartridge and cut the back of it and shook all the carbon out. I have been running with that for a week now. The water is very clear, the cloud from the setup was gone in a day. I don't know if it is good to keep floss pads in for the long haul, but it def. works great for clearing the tank after setup

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Filter floss would have the same effect as a sponge if you leave it in there, there's really no difference they both act the same way trapping detrius and eventually producing nitrates. if left in there they will become their own little bio-filter which is what they are supposed to do....IMO if you want something to clean the water, either leave a sponge in there but you have to clean it often so that it won't become a bio-filter or put some floss in there and then toss it when it becomes dirty. I would maybe change it every water change or if you do a sponge clean it every water change.

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