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im looking on marinedepot currently... I need to get some PH's for my 20H...


would 3 200gph PH's be sufficiant? or should I cut down the number of ph's and increase the flow rating of each? Not sure what is going to be sufficiant.



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If I had a 20 and was setting it up from the get-go, I'd use a pair of Seio (made by TAAM..same company that makes Rios) 620's. They put out a HUGE gph flow...but its very diffuse (read: spread out..not all in one direction like regular heads). So you get a LOT of water movement..but without that high-speed damaging flow. I'd go with a pair of those in a 20...you'd be set.




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Rio's suck dont use em, leave it at that.


If you want to go the easy cheapest route. Get one large pump, and make a lil PVC thing with 3 outlets where you want em. Paint it black and glue some rocks on it.

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