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light cycles


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what kind of lighting cycles do you guys use? hrs wise , i have heard of 12 hr cycle being good , i have heard of 8 rs a day etc etc .... i have mine set at 11 hrs and i dont seem to be getting much growth in my shrooms and zoos as i would like ... i have a coralife 96w for lighting ... is there a trick to getting these guys to grow larger or faster?

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How old is the tank? What are your "testable levels"? There are a lot of factors involved in coral growth/expansion. Don't get discouraged if you have a fairly new tank (anything under 6 months or so), and you aren't getting the growth/development rates that you want.


As far as lights go..I usually run my actinics for 12 hours a day, with my 10,000K coming on and staying on for 9 hours a day. (1.5 hours after the actinics in the morning, 1.5 hours before the actinics shut down at night).




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