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How do you know if Calupera has gone sexual?


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I dont really know what it means when it goes "sexual" and considering I dont run lights in the main tank 24/7.... it prob has and I just want to know how I can tell. Thanks :)

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You'll see your weeds contentedly smoking!


Just kidding.


Sort of.


What happens is the caulerpa will turn off-white and start melting away, turning your water "smokey" or milky. Carbon and skimming help remove the gunk. I've had it happen a few times with no ill effects, but some people have had problems.


The technical name for this reproductive process, FWIW, is called "sporulating". Just IMO, but that's even nastier sounding than "sexual" ;)

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hmm... Ive never seen mine "melt away" so I guess it hasnt gone sexual ... although it grows faster then a week and I gotta get it out of my tank!

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