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breeding pyramidellid snails for bird wrasses


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I have a tank used solely to propogate algae to feed my tangs. I was thinking of dividing it and breeding something for my wrasses to feed on.


The wrasse tank is fish only, with live rock, some caulerpa and some damsels.


I am knew to the wrasses. I read that they hunt down and feed on pyramidellid snails. Is this true? And, if so, I was thinking of breeding the snails in the algae tank. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? And if it is a good idea, does anyone know where I can get some pyramidellid snails to start breeding with?


Thanks very much . . . Dave

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Deleted User 8530

Ive never heard of this befor. I have no Idea what these snails are but they Might be herbavours. Even with all that considered I think its possible. Very possible realy.

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wrasses do eat pyramid snails......they are quite harmful to snails so when someone has a clam tank ad they have a pyramid snail problem they often by a wrasse to try to help it but it does not completely solve the problem.....ask someone who has a pyramid problem in a clam tank and have them pick a few off .....other then that i dont see anyone really caring if they have those snails........

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