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Clown Emergency HELP!


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Guys, I had a clown problem that was laid out in the thread labeled lethargic percs in the fish section. Anyway, it took a turn for the worse. He got sucked onto the grill on the powerhead, and how isnt in such hot shape. He's borderline dying. I need help. I dont know if his innards were affected, or what. Please help! He's lethargic, pale, and barely alive now, due to the powerhead incident.

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My advice would be to isolate him as soon as possible in a small hospaital tank without any other inhabitants. Don't add anything (rock, etc.) to this tank, except for a small HOT filter. The act of isolating him will prevent further injurt fromo tank mates and allow him to have a stress free recovery if that is to be his fate. There's pretty much nothing else you can do. Monitor his progress closely. Good luck.

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Actually, he just passed away. Dont know what happened to him, but he just went slowly. I hope it wasnt a bad way to go, RIP little guy.


On another note, anyone know what could cause lethargy and loss of color in a clown? I still have another false perc in the 15g, and I dont want a repeat.

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