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Moving a 12dx NC accross the house


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Any or you nano-cube owners ever move your set up tank to new location in same dwelling? My question how much of the water should I take out so not to put the tank of risk of breaking? I think I can easily lift about half full of water, sand and LR bring rough weight to about 80lbs. Or should I remove the rock too.

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You might take out the live rock if it only so it doesn't move around and crack the glass. The tank itself is likely strong enough to handle being moved with water in it without any trouble even full. But the rock...watch out!



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Personally when I move a small tank I remove all LR that won't move around and break the glass as reverai said and I drain the water completely down to a small amount covering the sand bed then I move the tank and re add the water. You'd be surprised how heavy the tanks are and the pressure the frame exerts on your fingers so I'd be quite careful and take my time. Just be glad you aren't moving a 42G hex down 3 flights of stairs with the sand bed in place...

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when i moved my 20g about 4 months ago

i drained the tank 4/5ths of the way and put the water in large coolers and only removed things that i thought i would fall such as unmounted frags and i removed fish as to not make them swim in the sludge that comes out when moving a tank...

moved tank and filled back up using a powerhead in the cooler with a long thin siphon tude or vinyl tube......

and i did not lift the tank by myself which made it a breeze to carry..

good luck...

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