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Hi All, This is my first post here. I am not new to SW. Currently I have a 72 gal. reef that is about two years old. I have had SW and FW on and off for the past 15 years. So, my wife just bought me the JBJ nanocube deluxe for a Christmas present. (yah me!) I was wondering what others have done to modify this thing before setting it up. I plan on using LS from my exsiting tank, LR rubble from my exsisting sump in stead of the bio-balls and ceramic rings. Are people using the sponges that came with the tank? Also, it is obvious I will need a larger powerhead then the one that came with it. I am also looking at using 20-25lbs of LR for biological filtration. Sound okay? How does everyone have the three chambers in the back set up. Room for a heater in there? Sorry there are so many ?? in one post. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks! Lando

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Here is what I have done...I set up the new cube with 20lbs LS, 10 of which came from a bag and 10 of which came from established reef tanks (mine and the LFS). I added aged SW frm my current tank. Also put in 13lbs of FL acu-cultured LR and about 5lbs of Fiji from my own reef tank. I left the sponges in the fisrt chamber of the filtration compartment. (may remove them if I get a nitrate problem.) I filled the last two chambers with LR rubble from the sump of my current reef and put the heater and PH in the last chamber as well. With the use of the LS, LR, LR rubble and SW all coming from established tanks, do you expect I will have a full cycle? If so, any ideas on how long? Thanks! Brian

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Yep, you should see a cycle, at least a mini-cycle. I'd throw in a frozen table shrimp to get things kicked off a little faster. The time for a full cycle depends on the water quality and the number of hitchhikers on your LR. Naturally, something needs to produce some ammonia in order to start a cycle. I have seen a full cycles within 3 days and as long as a few weeks. It's really hard to tell. The best way is to test your water every day or every other day until Nitrites are 0 and Nitrates are on the rise. Then do a nice 20% water change and you should be good to go.


However, I'd remove any sponges from the tank.

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